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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (323) 513-6222 for assistance.

At BUKU patrons needing extra assistance can get information at the information booth just inside the main entrance. The staff at this location can assist you with all site services dedicated to patrons with disabilities.


At the intersection of Henderson Blvd and Port of New Orleans Place, Lot J has been designated as Accessible Parking for people with disabilities. Please have your government issued placard visible and a parking attendant will direct you toward the most convenient parking. To enter the festival via the ADA Entrance, stay in Lot J and walk towards the venue along the train track fence line. The dedicated entryway will be designated by corresponding signage. Your party (up to four people) will be allowed to accompany you through the ADA Entrance.

Please have your State Issued Accessible Car Placard or I.D. clearly visible to enter the ADA parking lots and drop-off area. If you are a person with a disability who needs to be dropped off or picked up we will have an accessible drop-off area that is located at the end of Henderson Road, closest to Mardi Gras World and adjacent to Lot J. Please look for signage.

Most of the New Orleans public transportation system is equipped to serve people with disabilities on their buses and streetcars. For more information on other public transportation systems please see:

The BUKU site is very accessible consisting of outside concert areas that are all concrete and all indoor facilities are on ground level with no stairs. If you are coming as a VIP patron or would like access to the upstairs portion of the ballroom there is an elevator that will be controlled by venue staff. More information on the use of the elevator can be received onsite at the Information Booth.

If you are concerned that mobility may be an issue around the site all day scooter or wheelchairs can be rented locally through: https://mrwheelchair.com/rentals/

All stages at BUKU have dedicated viewing areas for patrons with disabilities. Individuals with a disability will be allowed to bring one companion into the viewing areas with them.These areas will have folding chairs for patrons who need to get off their feet. If the chairs are all in use and a person with a disability needs a seat, a companion may be requested to give up their seat for the newcomer.

If you are a person with a disability who would like to use the viewing areas please come to the Information Booth and you will be issued a wristband that will allow you and one companion into these areas.

Please come to the main Information Booth just inside the main entrance for more details regarding all of our onsite services at BUKU for people with disabilities. 

Personal attendants are not provided or available.


BUKU is providing accessible toilets in all the major toilet locations. We will have one locked ADA toilet in each row of toilets. If you need to use this service for medical reasons, please come to the Information Booth to receive the code to the locked toilets.

At each toilet location there are sanitation stations that are accessible to all patrons.

This year BUKU is allowing patrons to bring in an empty water bottle. These water bottles can be filled at four locations throughout the site. Free drinking water stations are accessible to patrons with disabilities. If additional assistance is needed, please inquire at the Info Booth.

All ATM’s on site are accessible to any patron including anyone in a wheelchair or mobility vehicle.

All bars and food vendors are capable of serving patrons with disabilities at all stages. If you need assistance with your transaction please alert the vendor and they will be happy to help. If for any reason issues occur, please inquire with the Info Booth for assistance.

If a patron has special medical dietary restrictions, a personal amount of food will be allowed into the venue if accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Throughout the BUKU site are multiple medical areas, with the main medical tent adjacent in the Power Plant Stage concert area. Acadian EMS will be providing medical assistance if any patron is in need at any point. In the case of a medical emergency please alert security or any BUKU staff and they can contact medical staff.

Medication will be checked thoroughly at the entry gate.

Any patron who needs to have medication with them at all times must keep their medication in the prescribed container.

All patrons are subject to search onsite and if medication is not packaged or labeled correctly, it will not be allowed inside the festival.

Any medication that requires temperature control or additional care should be taken directly to medical staff.

No prescription drugs allowed unless you have a valid prescription with your name clearly listed on the prescription, in its original container. Having multiple prescriptions in one container is not allowed.

he amount of medication in the container is limited to the dosage required for the duration of the Event.

Any syringe-based medication can be properly disposed of at our medical tents.

BUKU welcomes and supports the rights and attendance of all persons with disabilities that rely on the special skills of a trained service animal. Service animals such as dogs or miniature horses are allowed at BUKU. Service animals are working animals, not pets. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and will not be allowed onto the festival grounds. We reserve the right to remove and/or refuse access to any service animal from the venue if that animal is deemed to be a health or safety threat to festival patrons, staff, or other service animals, or in violation of these policies.

Please note that all service dogs, including those from out of state are subject to local dog ordinances, which includes a valid rabies certificate.

We ask that you review and follow the policies outlined below:

  • Service animals must be accompanied by the handler with the disability at all times.
  • Service animals must be under the control and supervision of their handler at all times.
  • Service animals are not permitted to be left unattended under any circumstances.
  • Handlers are required to be prepared for, and cleanup after, their animals at all times.
  • All service animals must be credentialed by BUKU staff.
  • If you will be attending the festival with your service animal – we encourage you to use the Access entrance for people with disabilities – the entrance is across from the corner of Lot J and Henderson.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact info@thebukuproject.com.